Budget Wedding Tips

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Did you know that the average wedding in the United States now costs more than $28,000? But the interesting thing is that 81 percent of brides spend less than the average amount. That means that some weddings are completely over the top (think Star Jones) while most others are more moderate.

If you’re looking to put together a wedding on a budget, here are some great tips.

The wedding dress typically costs 10-15 percent of the total budget. Buy a new, used, or vintage dress on an online auction site and you’ll save a bundle.

Flowers comprise another 10-15 percent of the budget. But a flower is beautiful in and of itself. It doesn’t need a lot of “dressing up.” Brides planning a wedding on a budget can save a good deal of money on flowers by cutting them fresh and arranging them yourself and with your friends.

For the reception centerpieces, consider re-using your bridal bouquet for the head table and having large bunches of baby’s breath at the guest tables. Or use fruit as a centerpiece on guest tables.

Offer to pay for a photobuff friend’s film in return for shooting the wedding. Another way to embrace the “wisdom of crowds” is to have disposable cameras around for each of the guests to shoot formal and candid shots.

With today’s equipment being so cheap, many of your friends have the tools to shoot your wedding video. Embrace these amateurs – they have the ability to save you a ton of money.

You might think about having the wedding at someone’s home, at a park, or at some other public or cheap location. If you decide to use a restaurant or hotel, engage the catering manager as a discount wedding coordinator.

When deciding on a time for the wedding, you may want to consider the cost of food for the reception. A wedding brunch or lunch is much less expensive than dinner. One couple a couple of years ago had a wedding high tea at 3:00 in the afternoon which they were able to get a friend to cater for less than $10 a head. An afternoon desert reception is the cheapest type of food prep. If you are having a church wedding, think about having the reception in the church hall.

Wedding cakes have got to be the most expensive desert known to man. But here’s some tips for doing the centerpiece of the reception on a budget. Cupcakes are very “in” right now and they’re also easy to make if you want to bake your own wedding cake. If you don’t want the hassle, ask the bakery in your local grocery store if they make cakes. Most do – for half the price of an independent bakery.

Make your own inexpensive favors. You can cook up a batch of divinity fudge and wrap it in tulle, make candles in seashells, or create sachets of lavender. These types of favors are personal, unique, and, most of all, inexpensive

One final tip is when you’re buying goods or services for a wedding, don’t mention that it’s for a wedding! Often, limo services, bakeries, florists, and others, charge a premium for serving weddings because they know most brides will pay it. And, that’s your budget wedding tips.